Why Fiber Pulp?

There are plenty of different packaging materials available to consumers, all of which have their own benefits and drawbacks. We choose to make our roll guards out of molded fiber pulp because it is cost-effective, takes up less space than other materials, and provides superior protection for your products.

Molded Fiber Pulp vs Plastic

Plastic roll cradles take up very little space and are an excellent choice if you need to ship products in humid or wet environments. However, the benefits end there. Fiber pulp roll guards offer much more cushioning and shock absorption than their plastic counterparts. If treated too roughly, plastic guards have a tendency to crack and leave fragments in your product. Molded fiber roll cradles also have a unique ability to be resized.  If a shorter length guard is needed, they can be cut down to size, while a plastic guard cannot.

Molded Fiber Pulp vs Foam

Foam roll guards are a great choice in terms of shock absorption and protection. Unfortunately, they have no ability to nest and, therefore, take up a lot of space. If a foam guard is 3" thick, it only takes 12 to reach a height of three feet. Foam can also be a less environmentally friendly choice, since not all foam materials are recyclable or manufactured cleanly.