Product Applications

Due to their versatile nature, roll stacks can be used across a variety of different industries and products.  


Roll cradles can be used to cost-effectively ship and store materials like mulch film, silage bags, seed blankets, and weed control fabrics. Rolls can be safely stacked and easily loaded horizontally.


fabric rollsRoll guards help prevent tears, marring, and other damage while textiles and coated fabrics are being transported.


metalized filmRoll stacks are a simple way to protect every kind of film from stretch wrap to BoPET during the shipping process. Cradle designs keep rolls from resting against each other preventing scratches, imprints and other damage.


Roll guards make it easy to transport a variety of different paper products like label stock. Rolls are protected from tears and scratches during shipping and are easily loaded and stacked.

Other Industrial Products
Roll stacks are not just limited to holding products on rolls. They can help protect and stack nearly any cylindrical product. Pipes, mufflers, and water/oxygen tanks are just a few of the many other items that can be stored and transported using roll cradles.