Other Packaging Methods

Roll Stax vs. Pyramid Stacking

Roll Stacks allow cylindrical products to be stacked horizontally so they can be stored and shipped in a way that maximizes the space used. Pallets can even be stacked on top of each other, an impossibility when rolls are stacked in a pyramid shape. Using roll guards to stack product in a cube shape instead of a pyramid shape can allow 40% more product to be packed onto one pallet. 


Roll Stax vs. Individual Boxes

individually-boxed-rollsRather than pyramid stack, some companies choose to individually box their cylindrical products. However, this can present its own set of costly problems. Boxes can get crushed damaging the product inside. Different sized boxes are needed for products of varying size and length. A lot of material is needed to produce an individual box for every product. Using roll guards eliminates these costs while still allowing products to be stacked conveniently for shipping and storage.