About Us

Roll Stax Etc. was founded with the purpose of helping companies palletize cylindrical product. Designed to replace expanded polystyrene packaging, our fiber pulp roll guards make it easy to stack rolls of product safely and securely. But we didn't stop there. We provide everything you need to ship your products. From corner boards to strapping, we have you covered.

About Roll Stacks


Our roll cradles are lightweight and easy to use, saving you time and money. The versatile design allows them to be used as a pair, folded in half or torn apart and used individually. The cradles absorb impacts and evenly distribute the weight of the cylinders they carry, preventing your product from being dented, imprinted or otherwise damaged.

Our roll cradles are made from 100% recycled material using a clean manufacturing process. They are also non-toxic, biodegradable, reusable, and recyclable. Not only that, but they reduce the amount of packaging materials that need to be used in order to ship your product, which also reduces the amount of waste.

How Can Roll Stacks Save You Money?


Using roll cradles allows pallets to be stacked on top of each other. This means less space is wasted during shipping and more product can be moved in one truck.

When utilizing roll cradles, product does not need to be strapped to the pallet reducing the number of shipping supplies used. In addition, roll guards weigh much less than other packaging materials, like wood blocks, further reducing shipping costs.

Roll stacks are easy to use, meaning it takes less time to pack and load a pallet of product than it would to use a different method.

Roll stacks offer superior protection for your products. Even fragile products like paper, foil and film are safe in a roll cradle. Not only do the cradles have excellent shock absorption qualities but they keep rolls from laying against each other, preventing dents, scratches and imprints.

Roll stacks are also space efficient since they are designed to nest into each other. They take up little warehouse space but come apart easily when needed.